Front Office Services


Front office outsourcing services have to do with interactions directly with your customers, usually over the telephone but can also include email, internet, fax, and other forms of interactive communications with your customers.  By outsourcing these services, it frees your business up to focus on your core business.  It also allows you to reduce the significant expense associated with this element of your business.  If you outsource your business processes you have an opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and create sustainable, long term, productive relationships.

Services we offer:

As a client-centric organisation, we understand the importance of working effectively within a matrix management ecosystem of product resellers, solution providers, vendors and channel partners in a world of cooperation.

Call Center Experience – the services that we provide our existing set of outsourcing customers provide our operations team with service vertical expertise that can be leveraged and applied to you.

Marketing Innovation – Our IT Implementation Team is well versed in the use of the latest in technology offerings in the market in improving business development processes and procedures in call center operations and management.

Provisioning Speed – Our USP is quick and reliable provisioning of projects

Quality Mindset – We regularly review our processes and services in close collaboration with our customers to keep them ahead of the marketing curve. Outsourcing one’s sales lead generation processes requires taking a leap of faith that the chosen vendor will embrace the culture of one’s company, as well as treat their customers as if they were our own and as such, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction which translates to customer retention, customer repurchase and customer referrals. Our people are trained in management concepts like Six-Sigma and COPC (Customer Operations Performance Center Inc.), which are all designed to equip the team with world-class high performance techniques.