Martin Conboy


In 1993, Martin founded ACA Research, and established the call centre benchmarking studies that are used in industry-wide across Asia. Martin’s extensive expertise in front office and back office operations lead to the formation of in 2000. This neutral third party provided research relevant to the call centre, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industries across the Asia Pacific. Martin sold his interests in both companies in 2005 to concentrate on

Martin Conboy is well-recognised by industry and media as one of the leading voices on the contact centre industry and its role in facilitating BPO success throughout the Asia Pacific.

A flexible and creative thinker, Martin has a proven track record of planning, initiating, and implementing projects that break open new markets. Described as ‘possessing of vision,’ Martin also has the operational and business acumen needed to acquire, sustain, and support customers, partners, and suppliers. His strength and capability are applicable and transferable to many industries. A large and diverse community of networks provide contacts across industry, enterprise and the public sector.

He brings to the table his experience, expertise, and very deep knowledge of the Asia Pacific BPO space.

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