Advisory and Consulting

FooBoo provides advisory services, in this role, we provide consultation and assessment of your particular situation and how outsourcing can be used by your company to create a winning result of higher productivity, lower costs, and higher customer satisfaction. The market place has a range of quality when it comes to outsourcers, so navigating this path is not easy, but FooBoo can help. FooBoo will recommend and facilitate the dialog, proposal, and implementation process with only the highest quality service providers, to meet your specific requirements. We help you and your company maximise your value in the outsourcing journey.


In some cases, you may not have an internal assessment or business plan related to outsourcing. Or, you may want to improve your existing business process and customer service without necessarily outsourcing. We offer our experience and expertise in a set of consulting services that develop a detailed picture of your business today, develop a strategy for fully leveraging the benefits of outsourcing and off-shoring, and create the business case to determine if, when, and how you should go through this journey. We also offer services to help you improve business processes and customer service in place in your business today.

Additional Services

We offer the ability to serve in the role of buyer’s agent for you in your search, negotiation, contracting, and setting of key performance indicators and service level agreements with an outsource service provider. This can be coupled with ongoing project management of the relationship so that you can continue to derive maximum value for your business.