Value Proposition


  • FooBoo’s service is a combination of machine (Quantitative automated analytics and platform searches) and human intelligence (Qualitative contextual reporting on the most impactful conversations) that allows organisations the ability to “listen-in” on consumers in their native space.
  • A pass through using anyone of the 80 odd software packages that are available will produce tens of thousands of posts, the vast majority of which are completely irrelevant to the task at hand, (False Positives) that take a long time to sift through to get to the relevant information.
  • SML utilises the technology solution to quickly scan and search the web and then human agents that can segment and analyse the threads in an efficient and cost effective manner.
  • FooBoo is the only company that is able to offer a service that can accurately distinguish between keywords, influence, and sentiment because it uses both machine and human intelligence.
  • We work with stragetic partners who can design Social Media marketing campaigns that allow you to fully engage with your market via this medium.