Virtual Contact Gateway (VCG)


…Say ‘Hello’ to your customers using our new ‘virtual’ Contact Centre services….but, guess what?… new hardware or software is required!

… your business making and receiving more calls, emails, fax and SMS contacts?
… your existing phone system outdated and needing an upgrade with modern business features but there’s no capital to cover the cost of a new system?

…. need automated attendant (AA), IVR, unified call queuing (including email and SMS) and call recording?

…. don’t need the responsibility of maintaining new hardware and software systems so you can focus on your core business?
You need FooBoo’s new VCG!

Service Overview

Provides access to four systems in one:

What is VCG?

  • A new ‘virtual’ service that allows your business to turn its existing phone system into a fully-featured contact centre with call-queuing, auto-answer attendant, Interactive Voice Response and ‘intelligent routing’ without the need to buy expensive additional hardware or software or compromise phone call quality using sub-standard internet connections.
  • A technology that allows calls and contacts to be automatically queued and routed efficiently to the desired party in your organisation (irrespective of where they are physically located in or out of the office).
  • A system that enables the integration of all contact modes (inbound or outbound) including phone, email, SMS, between your staff, your customers and/or suppliers.
  • A service that is enabled and accessed via the Internet, BUT where all phone calls are made and received through traditional high quality business line carriers (PSTN/ISDN) not via IP (Voice over Internet Protocol) providers.

How does VCG work?

  • The VCG’s hardware and software components are all off-site (‘virtual’) and centrally managed
    Current phone systems remain undisturbed, if desired.
  • Incoming and outgoing calls are routed via the VCG’s private ‘exchange’
  • Existing or new landline, mobile or IP phone numbers can be configured as an extension within the VCG, irrespective of geographic location
  • Calls made via the VCG are carried via traditional business quality telecommunications lines and not low quality IP (internet)
  • Contact centre management and control is via the VCG’s web-portal and support staff – you manage your people and call flows via the access portal and call us if you need technical or other support

Agent / Caller Overview
Technical Overview

Agent / Caller Overview

  • High call quality
  • Configurable to allow multiple agents and remote locations
  • Secure access and recording
  • Low-call tariffs
  • No redundancy of existing systems

Technical Overview

What can VCG do?

  • Low cost phone calls (local, national, mobile and International)
  • Automated attendant (call answering) & ‘information-on-hold’ for held calls
  • Intelligent call routing (connection to any desired party)
  • lnteractive Voice Response (‘IVR’) for information & auto payment processing
  • Secure inbound and outbound call recording
  • Unified queue – seamless intermodal response for phone, SMS, email, fax
  • Management control and system reporting features including remote staffing (time and attendance), queue resourcing, real-time monitoring and QA statistical analysis
  • Performance reporting and statistics via Web access portal
  • Disaster recovery backup for current internet and phone systems if ‘off-line’ – if existing phone and internet are down FooBoo’s VCG enables you to still be operable

Benefits of VCG

  • Low-cost – ‘pay-as-you-use’ license fees and competitive call tariffs
  • No hardware redundancy AND no capex required! – make and receive phone calls/contacts through existing hardware
  • Enhanced customer service and staff productivity from upgraded phone/contact system and automation
  • Secure rostering management to deploy and authorise staff taking calls and other forms of contact. Rostering options include ‘sign-in’, ‘sign-off’, taking breaks etc
  • ‘Fail-safe’ robust technology which is “cloud-based” (delivered via the internet) yet not totally dependent on the internet as call routing is via traditional carriers’ lines (not VoIP which is internet dependent)
  • Scalable as able to service unlimited remote work locations to join network if needed – customers perceive that staff members are all part of the dedicated system response to answering their needs
  • No in-house expertise or system maintenance required: technology maintenance and up-grade responsibility undertaken by specialist VCG staff.

Cost of VCG

FooBoo offers an obligation free quotation and service demonstration.

Every enterprise has its own requirements which we can service.

Our fees are based on a subscription model – you subscribe to use the service and the cost is relevant to what you use including the volume of calls, SMS and data communications made and recorded.

Basic subscription to the service is $75 per month plus $5 per month for each extra indial number configured to the system.