Web Services


More often than not, potential customers visiting websites do not progress off the homepage. This is generally because the website failed to be both engaging and informative.

Given the maturity of the Internet and the growing demand of web-based services, this is a good time to assess the performance of your website. It is more than likely that your business strategy, plans and objectives have shifted over the past five years, but perhaps your current website content may not entirely reflect these changes.

Our recommendations follow three stages:

1. Quick and simple research on how your customers and visitors rate your website.

2. Developing and implementing a website solution that caters to your needs and budget.

3. Post implementation research on how your site is performing, specifically:

a. Have the site visits and page views increased?

b. Has the homepage abandonment dropped?

c. Are visitors spending more time on the website?

d. Have the sales and general enquiry rate increased?

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