Carbon Tax & the Australian Outsourcing Industry, Part 2

By Martin Conboy, President – Australian BPO Association

Carbon tax means ZOOM & BOOM for outsourcing industry

As soon as one mentions the Carbon Tax and its impact on the Australian economy the conversation turns to Gloom and Doom – I say that people are not looking at it the right way – I say that the carbon tax is all about Zoom and Boom especially for the outsourcing sector.

People talk about the ‘Green” economy and Green recruitment but it might be better called ‘The ‘Clean’ Economy’

I predict that there will be a whole new economic renewal driven by ‘renewable energy’ with jobs such as installing solar panels, making electric vehicles and running organic farms, jobs in public mass transit and green waste management as well as those in more traditionally defined renewable energy industries such as wind turbines, solar panels new battery technology for cars and mass transit vehicles.

Specialist skills will be required across all disciplines, i.e. accountants who know how to count carbon credits as the cost of carbon now has to be factored into business plans, marketing managers who know about environmentally sensitive packaging, fleet managers who not only understand logistics will need to understand hybrid vehicles when thinking about their fleets, i.e. for long distance carriers how will batteries be used so that there is no down time for recharging.

In the USA a few large companies recently created positions for so-called chief sustainability officers, who report to the chief executive or chief operating officer, and are responsible for making sure their companies save energy and are environmentally responsible. Some of these CSOs have beefed up hiring for “green” jobs.

Companies cannot pay lip service to being ‘green and clean’ as major corporations will not do business with suppliers who do not meet a certain green certification.

There will be grants to clean up contaminated industrial sites that will create a demand for specialist clean up crews much like companies who now do asbestos removal, new companies will spring up that turn waste material into ‘Green matter’ products for building and companies will retrofit buildings to be energy efficient.

More people will want to cycle to work, not only to be fit and healthy but also to make an individual effort to be environmentally sensitive and that means cycle ways have to be built.

The government will award grants for workforce development and training which will spawn a whole new sector, as companies need to get ‘carbon ready’.

In a full employment economy initially there will be a skills shortage and companies will not take on FTEs, as they will have single projects to address, so specialist project outsourcing companies will appear to cater for demand.

We in the outsourcing sector are only limited by our own imaginations as to how we manage this opportunity.

Feel free to share your thoughts as in my view Australia is open for business.

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