New LinkedIn Group Supporting Outsourcing Expats in Manila

By Martin Conboy, President – Australian BPO Association

With the significant growth of Anglo Celtic and Australasian companies offshoring work to the Philippines, the number of Australian outsourcing expatriates based in or frequently travelling to Manila has increased considerably.

Being an expat sounds glamorous, all that travel and five star hotels, the reality is that it can be lonely and the sense of isolation can be challenging. You are away from family and friends and you miss out on all of the things that make home the world’s favorite destination!

Max Tennant, Business Development Director at Salmat and a frequent visitor to the Philippines has created a new LinkedIn Group which is focused on providing support and fellowship to outsourcing professionals who face the challenge of working and settling quickly in a new country. The group is interested in attracting Australians, Kiwis, Brits, Irish expats and welcomes expats residing in Manila or anyone who is frequently travelling to the Philippines and who is working in the Outsourcing industry. Whilst there will be a focus for the group on social activity and fellowship, participants are also actively encouraged to create discussion topics, share experiences and make introductions to other members and business contacts.

Max understands the many challenges that professionals face when relocating or working in another country – “Back in 2006, I moved to Manila for two years and settling in was not easy. Although my wife and I had some expat Australian and British contacts in Manila, we struggled to locate reliable access to services we simply took for granted back home. Finding a reliable real estate broker for example was a tough task. We aim to make it easier for new arrivals by sharing our advice and experience”.

The group will be kicking off with an inaugural social event that will take place on the evening of 10 October 2011 in Makati – this event will coincide with the Global Outsourcing Summit on the 11 and 12 October 2011. 

If you would like more information about the event or wish to join the group, click on the following link:

Please also help by forwarding the link to others who might be interested.

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