Recruitment Virtual Support Agent (RVSA)

The age old problem for recruiters –
How much work behind the scenes is needed in order to make a placement?

RVSA helps recruiters focus most of their time on the key revenue-generating activity – selling and referring quality candidates!

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  • New outsourced recruitment processing model
  • Cut recruitment costs in half – Reduce overall cost per hire
  • Reduce recruitment cycle time and increase quality of recruits
  • Improve efficiency and consultant effectiveness dramatically
  • Access company information from anywhere at anytime

Tough economic times and a more considered approach to operating expenses have driven the need to reduce costs inside recruitment firms. The imperative action is to cut waste on non-core activities and not impede value creation.

Outsourcing recruitment processing allows companies to reap tremendous advantages in terms faster hiring processes at a much lower cost.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) lets you outsource complete or portions of your recruitment cycle and enables you to focus on your core business activities.

FooBoo is offering a bundled service offering that will allow individual recruitment companies to increase their consultant productivity, efficiency and effectiveness and thus, dramatically increase profitability.

In order to do this, FooBoo has established an ‘RVSA’ recruitment-processing centre that can service its clients in Australia.

The FooBoo ‘back office’ (RVSA processing centre) is a vanilla-flavored function. To the outside world the ‘back office’ is homogeneous, all the clients will see is faster, more efficient business processes.

What is an RVSA?

RVSA is support business using remote knowledge candidate management software that provisions and aggregates various supply chain competencies into a bundled package of services. This new model is part of a bigger market called Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), which in turn is a subset of the larger Business Process Outsourcing market.

A Recruitment Virtual Support Agent (or RVSA) is a brand new business model that describes a business that supports and provides services to recruitment companies such as candidate management; screening, resume searching and sorting, basic interviewing, appointment setting reference checking etc. The service is also about providing full HR administration support including accounting. The principal driver is that it is not only be more efficient, but more cost effective compared to the cost of in-house administration.

Recruitment consultants are excellent relationship developers and net workers, however mountains of administration always hold them back. The RVSA model takes away non-revenue producing activities and frees them up so that they can concentrate on what they do best.

A RVSA does not have a relationship with end-user customers. Instead, an RVSA provides infrastructure and services to enable recruitment companies to offer HR related services and have a superior relationship with their end-user customer. RVSA offers the ability for recruitment companies to focus on their core strengths of brand, customer loyalty and marketing and leave back end lower level enablement and operations to a RVSA.

An RVSA offers innovative solutions in recruitment process outsourcing that drastically reduces your cost of operations and increases efficiency.

FooBoo’s RVSA model with its innovative method, its exceptional delivery team, and collaborative approach is the ideal recruitment outsourcing partner

Some of our offerings

The FooBoo RVSA model has the following four major components:

1. Recruitment Support Administration Services

Services include:

  • Job ad authoring, posting and management
  • Liaison with the recruiter regarding details of requirements
  • Using the CMS software to conduct database searches
  • Using the software or manually search Job Boards (Seek / Career one) for job specific candidates
  • Writing job adverts
  • First level assessment & screening
  • Candidate profiling
  • Applicant resume screening
  • Initial phone interview
  • Technical interviews (to enable recruiters to hire other roles where they might have no expertise such as software developers, network Engineers, Legal staff, accountants)
  • Skills testing
  • Write initial candidate reports
  • Rejection emails
  • Reference checking
  • Subscriptions to resume databases (rather than each recruiter buying their own subscription)
  • PA/EA services associated with their billable work including managing emails, calendar and appointments

2. Accounting and credit management

Services include:

  • All general accounting work
  • Data entry
  • Monthly P&L
  • Trial balance
  • Credit control and Debtor management
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • Contractor payroll

3. Hosted (Cloud based) Candidate Management System

Services include:

  • Software automatically formats CVs
  • Data entry of CVs
  • Talent searches
  • Rates candidates
  • Job board ad placement and automated mapping
  • Update company & candidate profiles

4. Virtual Receptionist and PABX

Services include:

  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Messages taken
  • Appointment setting & follow up
  • Call queuing
  • Calls diverted
  • Remote agent log-in
  • Call recording
  • Information on hold

Some of the key benefits of using FooBoo’s RVSA services are:

  • Reduces individual project and overall operational costs dramatically — can be up to 50%, plus.
  • Leverage FooBoo’s platform to increase overall efficiency, speed and quality of delivery
  • Better utilisation of front line in- house recruitment consultants providing more client face time that will lead to higher productivity and better customer relationshipsImprove on existing processes, identify process gaps and improve delivery efficiencies
  • Reduce recruitment cycle time and increase quality of recruits
  • Increase depth and breadth of candidate pool
  • Flexibility to ramp up/scale down recruitment teams on demand