Virtual Assistants

The Internet has changed the way we live, work and play. Everything you ever wanted to know about anything is on the net. Every word in the English language has a dot COM after it. But who has time to find what you need? There is too much information out there and to most of us it’s just ‘noise’.

However the Internet has made us more connected and someone can now deliver services from a different country, that were only once able to be delivered in person, because that person is also connected to the internet.

FooBoo can help you with Cyber Research, Database Cleaning & Building, Social Media Listening, Personal Secretary / Dedicated Staff, Appointment Management, Administration, MS Word, Excel & PowerPoint, Product Research, Market & Competitor Research, Property Management, Transcription Services (Legal, Medical & General Business), Data Entry, Documentation, Reports, Proposals etc. Typing speed of our Virtual Assistants is at least 50 wpm with 98% accuracy.